Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Key Blaze Wins By Eight in Last Game of the Season

The Key Blaze took charge with an eight-point run and held off a final charge from Canada to close out the season with an 9-11 win over the Engines on Wednesday at Sydney Coliseum.

Though it had been eliminated from contention for a Minor League playoff berth, Key (7-9) was able to double the win total from its expansion season of 2017.

Down 7-1 early in the second quarter, the Blaze whittled away Canada’s lead and went into halftime down 9-8. Trailing 13-10, Key began the push that turned the game in its favor.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Car smashes into pole, becomes engulfed in fire; occupants air lifted to St. Louis

ALTON - A car lost control and collided with a pole, then ignited into a blazing fire before firefighters extinguished it about 1 p.m. on Thursday at Landmarks Boulevard and Ridge Street in Alton.

The crash occurred in the Kentucky Fried Chicken/Taco Bell parking lot and workers came out with fire extinguishers to assist until the Alton Fire Department quickly arrived. Alton Fire Chief Bernie Sebold said it was one of the worst motor vehicle accidents he had covered in his 24 years of fire service and 22 years with the Alton Fire Department.

Thousands evacuated after wildfire on France's Mediterranean coast

Gerard Collomb, the interior minister, said France would be adding six more firefighting planes to its fleet. He made the announcement on Tuesday during a visit to the French Mediterranean island of Corsica, which also been badly affected by fires.

The number of people on France’s Côte d’Azur swells in July and August as holidaymakers head to the beach, and the area is experiencing an exceptionally hot, dry summer that has made it especially vulnerable to fires.

Five teams of firefighters called to Lane Cove House Blazing Fire

Five teams of firefighters have contained a "fully involved" house fire blazing in Lane Cove, which has been posing a "major traffic hazard" due to thick smoke in the area.
Fire services were called to a property on the corner of Lihon Street and Burns Bay Road shortly before 6pm on Wednesday, after receiving "numerous" reports that a fire was blazing through the roof of the house.

Lakewood Marine crawled under a blazing truck

LAKEWOOD - There is bravery, and then there is heroism. What Robert Cartwright did on Aug. 6, 1977, was a death-defying mix of both.
A Marine Corps reservist stationed in California, Cartwright was washing his clothes when a diesel refuel truck caught fire on his base’s airstrip. As flames began to engulf the 1,200-gallon vehicle, Cartwright grabbed a fire extinguisher and raced to the scene. Then he crawled underneath this ticking time bomb and put the blaze out by himself.
“I did it because that’s what you do,” he recalled Thursday from his home in Leisure Village. “That was my job.”

Lorde’s “Perfect Places” Video Will Make You Rethink What Really Counts

Lorde's music has always been well beyond her years, but Melodrama marked a new plane of maturity, trading teenage glory for complex reflections on love and loneliness. In "Green Light," she ditched a crowded nightclub to roam the city and dance alone, and Lorde's "Perfect Places" video finds her once again embracing solitude. In the clip, released on Thursday, the 20-year-old singer jets off to sprawling beaches, lush forests, and waterfall oases, but her globe-trotting will do more than give you wanderlust; it will make you rethink what really counts.

Wildfire Season Is Blazing the West

The West is ablaze as the summer wildfire season has gotten off to an intense start. More than 37,000 fires have burned more than 5.2 million acres nationally since the beginning of the year, with 47 large fires burning across nine states as of Friday.
The relatively early activity is quickly becoming the norm, with rising temperatures making the fire season longer than it used to be. The warming fueled by greenhouse gases is also helping to create more and larger fires as it dries out more vegetation that acts as fuel for fires.
This new fire situation means that western states need to be begin to rethink how they prepare for and combat fires, as well as how fire-prone land is developed.